TRICERA–HERD: Join Now! (8 Spots Left)



We are creating a herd! It's a clan, but we changed "clan" to "herd" to match our username.
So, there will be challenges.
Should it be Female Triceratops vs. Male Triceratops?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • I don't care
  • No


Well, the teams will compete against each other in various activities (listed below). The winning team earns a point or two for their team, and there is a point shop. The point shop includes various items that cost pebbles.


  • You must have been in the forum for at least 25 days (look in your summary at "Days Visited").
  • You must be on almost daily.
  • You must note that @system is a robot.
  • You must like Hopscotch.
  • You must like @BubblegumCupcakeMix.
  • You must like @SmileyAlyssa.
  • You must stay in the clan and only drop out if necessary.
  • You must be a member or higher.
  • You must like to copy @system.
  • You must note that we will only accept 5-10 people.


Please note: We will divide this up like a real Triceratops herd, but the boys and girls will both participate in the same challenges at the same time.
Herd Leader: @tankt2016 (girl and boy)
Female Triceratops
5 people can be in this group.
Female Leader Triceratops: @tankt2016 (girl)
Mother Triceratops:
Girl Triceratops:
Baby Girl Triceratops: @Deadfr

Male Triceratops
5 people can be in this group.
Male Leader Triceratops: @tankt2016 (boy)
Father Triceratops:
Boy Triceratops:
Baby Boy Triceratops: @Purdue19, @Fun_in_the_Sun

How To Earn Pebbles

  • Be nice
  • Win a challenge
  • Be supportive
  • Be positive
  • Be a good sport

How To Lose Pebbles

  • Be negative
  • Be a bad sport
  • Be mean
  • Bully
  • Get suspended
  • Be unsupportive

Point Shop

  • Rank Up
  • Pebble Boost
  • Triceratops Art Request
  • Triceratops Logo Request
  • Triceratops Music Request
  • Horn Growth
  • Color Change

You can suggest new powers, too!


Well this clan is about TRICERA-HERD so it is not hopscotch related...


it's a clan in hopscotch, with challenges...


Thank you @hopscotch_king, it is a clan with challenges.


Can i be the mother of female one?


Sure! I will put you up. Just check if you meet the requirements.


Can I join? Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee?


Wait, sorry, you have to rank up to be the mother. But you can get pebbles to do that!


Yeah. I'm sure you meet the requirements.


Ok! I can't use emojis because of @OnceUponATime


(It was a dare. Heh.)


When will you give us pebbles?


It says how you can get pebbles above.


I'll be in for the Male Triceratops
I meet all the requirments as well!


I meet da requirements!!!!


But those aren't for ranking up. Pebbles are what you use for ranking up. And everyone starts at the baby rank. :wink:
And to get in, you have to meet the requirements. And you can't ask for a spot, sorry.


Bust I just said I meet all da requirements...m




Anyone joining? We will start when it's full!


Okay, anyone going to join? We will only start when it's full!