TRICERA–Art Contest Started




The title says it all! There's an art contest! We will let almost everyone join! There will be multiple prizes. It has to be on the latest version of @SmileyAlyssa's SmileyPad!

Requirements To Join

–> You must be a good drawer (obviously)
–> You must have published at least 1 drawing from any drawing pad
–> You must be able to do at least 1 drawing style, including "Me Style"
–> You must note that @system is a robot

What To Do

Just ask @tankt2016 if you can join by telling us if you meet the requirements. We will tell you if you can join. We will give you challenges. There are 3 places. Will you land in one of them?

Major Drawers

@OrangeScent1, @Bananadog, @Crazy_Crawfish,


1. @RubyWolf1
2. @Destined_Taco1
3. @Fun_in_the_Sun
4. @TallAOnForum
5. @Bubbles4Ever929


We need 0 prize makers, each to make a basic drawing pad with pitch black ( it is HSB(0,0,0)), width, and the colors on the color menu. Then I will add special features. And credit.

Prize Makers

1. @RenegadeBird1
2. @Dude73
3. @SabotageWarning


@RubyWolf1, @Destined_Taco1, @Fun_in_the_Sun, @TallAOnForum, @Bubbles4Ever929, draw an anime drawing of my current forum profile picture. If you need an example of anime, search "Anime" on Hopscotch. Please do it on Hopscotch. Deadline is Sunday, April 16, 2016.

Anime Example


Can I be one of the "prize makers?"


Sure! But did you do all the requirements?


Is it okay if I add two shades of skin color?
Also, where do I make it?

I'm making the prizes, but anyways, I pass all requirements. The first one depends on your opinion. :wink:


Ummmm... I'm pretty confused... Am I in the contest or am I making prizes...? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:


Make it however you want! And if you need to, you can always redo it if you don't like it.

Make it on the latest version of @SmileyAlyssa's SmileyPad, take a screenshot, and post it here!

That was just a test. And please don't make the prizes, prize makers can only make one prize, and people entering the contest can't make prizes, in case they create one extra-special one for themselves if they win. @RenegadeBird1


You're not either of those unless you want to be, just asking if you want to join.


Okay, cool @tankt2016!!! I be back in a few hours to say if I'll join or not!!!! Thanks for tagging me!


You're welcome! And remember, you're amazing at drawing!


Lol, I'm not joining the contest! I just want to be a prize maker :3


Oh, okay, just saw it now. You're in. Remember, just make a simple pad with width, pitch black (HSB(0,0,0)), and all the colors on the color menu. Nothing else except the basic, roomy structure of the drawing pad.


Where do I make it? :D


The drawing pad? Well, it should be something like @PopTart0219's pad, and where do you make what?


I mean the drawing pad! Should I make it in my acc., or make it off of one of your projects? :D


Your account. And please name it #TRICERA–ART.


Could I join and be a prize maker?


You can participate in the contest OR be a prize maker, you can't do both.


Oh ok what do you think I should do


Well, you can make one basic drawing pad with all the colors on the color menu, pitch black (HSB(0,0,0)), and width and lay it out like @PopTart0219's drawing pad. Or draw and have fun using the SmileyPad to compete in the contest. I would really do the "participate in contest" option, I never really learned how to get a drawing pad started. But if you want to be a prize maker, decide fast, there's only 2 spots left.


I will participate in the contest! More fun! I have to go to school soon though