Tributes/Heroes Comp 2018


Hi! Recently I’ve been thinking of heaps of ways to get more ppl into coding and empower them to become the BEST THEY CAN BE . None of my methods have rlly stuck… but I’ve come up with a little idea. I call it the ’Heroes And Tributes Competition’. This combines all of my goals which are-
-Getting more ppl into coding
-Acknowledging and honouring some of the world’s greatest ppl
-Celebrating everyone for their talents and. Who. They. Are

Here are the basic rules:
-Make any kind of project, whether it be trail art, games, pixel art, etc.
-The project needs only one requirement: to honour your role model or hero in the world

-e.g. my hero is Jane Austen, so i could code a card for her telling her about why I admire her work, etc.
-Another example… say ur hero was Albert Einstein, u could code a pixel art of that famous photo of him sticking his tongue out.

You could even do a project honouring ur fave coder on hopscotch, or a family member! Even ur pet doggo would be fine. Basically anyone who gives u inspiration. The prizes would be:


  • A featured (I will talk about this with the hopscotch curators)
  • A website


  • A rising (I will talk with the Hopscotch curators)
  • A shoutout


  • A rising (I will talk with the Hopscotch curators)
  • A shoutout

But remember, how many likes u get or how famous u r doesn’t matter. What matters is having fun, learning how to code, and acknowledging the greatest ppl in ur life. Please comment below on ur thoughts on the comp and if u would like to enter or be a judge. Thanks for reading, have a nice day!



I could be wrong, but one of these may already exist for this year lol
Yep the Oscars already exist lol. You changed the name for yours tho


Hi, @Xman0417. Thx for telling me- ur right, there is an Oscar comp. I was thinking of doing that but I changed my mind when I saw there was already something like that on hopscotch. Now it’s the tributes/heroes comp and I’ve changed the concept to the best of my ability



I already did it.

Here’s an incredibly unrealistic trail art:

Now what I want to know is what @creationsofanoob is doing with this.
suspicious squint


It’s actually pretty good, @Petrichor!
Nice work :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:



Hm, I’ll probably do this. Probably on Martin Luther or Jim Elliot…


Hi, @sophia71205! Thx for replying, that sounds like a great idea! I’ll post some more info bout the comp on my Hopscotch account soon…


I couldn’t see the whole project name, so I branched it.


When is the due date? I kinda need to know based on the size of my pixel art


I think I might lengthen to it March 30th or somewhere around there because I’m trying to get more ppl into the comp rn



I have a paper due on March 30th