Tribute to children with cancer


So as you know I have a topic where we can just make projects for childhood cancer in general. Here, we make projects for children who are fighting cancer or who have gained their angel wings.
Many people think that kids with cancer were born wohn it. But they aren't (some are but most aren't). They are normal kids just like us. They play sports and go to school

This is Hunter. He is 6 years old. In January of 2017, he was diagnosed with Dipg. Dipg is a tumor in the brain stem. It has 0% survival rate and kids live for 9-18 months:(

this is Alan. He is 7. In February of 2017, he was diagnosed with dipg. Please keep him in your prayers as he fights for his life.

this is Parker. He is 9. Three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with b-cell ALL which has a high survival rate. Byron March 10th, he was admitted to the picu . Doctors tried everything they could but in the morning of march 11th, Parker passed away. He was an amazing goalie in hockey. Please keep his family in your prayers as they go through this hard time.
this is Evan. He was diagnosed with AML in February of 2017. One week later, Evan passed away. Please pray for his parents, big bro, little sis and friends. Evan was about to start kindergarten in September of 2017 but instead he will be laid to rest. Forever 4 years old. RIP ev

Raise childhood cancer awareness

WHOA :astonished:. AMAZING! Wow.


I really like how you care so much about these kids with cancer! That's really sweet!

I'll probably make a project about cancer awareness later.

Just saying, why was this flagged?!


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Because she's she sharing personal info, it wasn't related to hopscotch, and she made a cancer joke earlier so she's making these topics so people will think she cares.




I do care tho lol

I had cancer so I clearly care

And it's actually cause I really just care about kids with cancer. And it snot sharing personal info. It's already on the internet for ppl to see so they can spread awareness


You're sharing other peoples' personal info and I highly doubt you, Ella, had cancer.


I actually did tho lol
And I'm not sharing other ppls personal info


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It's great that you care so much!




This is a great topic! I love seeing people who care about those who are less fortunate than us!


Alt acc? Hmmm, from her wording she does seem like Ella, but she was let off of her suspension because she had already served it. Who else could it be?
Also why are we praying? It would have absolutely 0 impact on our lives whether he lives or goes the other way.


Let's not point fingers, even if it seems suspicious.
I understand how you feel about cancer but at any time it could enter your life, through your close friends and family. It's good to be aware of this, but I think that the stories shouldn't have been shared. The families of the children have dealt with enough.


Yes, it could enter anyone at any time, but think of it at this way.
Your the kid with cancer and a tough decision lays with your parents. Keep you alive via robot (that means life support) or the easy way out. Which way would you take? Bullyin.g or the other way, like it can be tough but I think we have all come to a unanimous decision.


It's called kindness. Not everything is all about us.


What is the unanimous decision? @TheRealBlah_Backup


It's great that you are very supportive to people who have cancer. I don't really think it's sharing people's information because people have already made instagram posts about them.