Tri’s Ai Suggestion Requests! 🤖

I have an alt previously called Eureka!, now changed to Polygon Ai, where all Ai projects will be published. My Ai technic is a case-by-case string modification learning with the use of a numeric reader.

I successfully managed to make Ai able to follow from a point to another in my draft a few days ago, which is a very good beginning. That draft is for the official spring comp. I probably will continue messing up with Ai as it’s very fun and satisfying to see them learn by theirselves.

Suggest anything you want me to create a learning Ai, such as Ai in flappy bird or Ai in basic geometry dash!


I don’t know, an ai for tic tac toe?


Ai for checkers

Or chess but imo, that would be harder


no, clive, i got a crazy good game idea so ima pause this for a big while

btw @Innerpanda your idea is good :+1:
and @Dragongirl1264 no too difficult haha

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lmk when you’d like to reopen this