TrevCodings General Topic!?!


As you can see by the title, YES, it's my first ever general topic discussing about game ideas, other people's games, and well pretty much everything hopscotch!
Also if you don't know who I am look up my name on the forums and find my post on when I talk all about myself or if you want a short discription read my bio.
Also this is only about hopscotch and other hopscotchers, I don't want to get flagged. :ok_hand:🏻:ok_hand:🏻:ok_hand:🏻:flag_white::flag_white::flag_white::flag_white:

Finally I am only making this topic just so people can know me even more and just get my name out there!

Tag List :


How about we start off by talking about my games!

Look up TrevCoding on hopscotch to look at my games.


I have a questions!

How are you good at coding!


Well, I'm not being cheesy at all but, PRATICE and a little knowledge on actual code doesn't hurt either.


Thanks for the advice SENPAI

I got to go

Water Polo practice


Also is there a thing where I can copy and paste the tag list? Lol



I think we need to be active on this post so it always stays on top :+1:


How did you find hopscotch?


Well it all started when I was trying to learn ruby on rails (which later on I left) so I looked up editors then I saw hopscotch. I saw it and left it as a child's coding toy. Then when I was trying to find a new editor it popped up again, and again, and again.... Then eventually I downloaded it. Which then leads to this exact moment!


Refresh Comment Plz Ignore, wait nvm read this plz, why are you reading this, you must be weird, quit reading me, I said STOP, omg Stopppppp, *shuts down


Let's talk for real, who has any good game ideas, but if you give me a good one I'll have to push it to the side for now since I'm working on Balloon Popper


I feel like people aren't taking any focus on this topic. I feel, I feel.....


Like a failure, I should make a game about it!


You are not a failure!
Because look, I'm posting here, YAYYYYYY!!!
I really like your effort to stay Hopscotch related!


Yeah I am trying hard to stay hopscotch related so this topic stay alive FOREVER maybe.


10th like YUS! :tada:



Hello! I think we need more people on here it's getting lonely and also do you have any questions about me and hopscotch?


@tankt2016 has a big list of them :wink:


You mean the tag list if so I already have it