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About Me
I actually made a forum post talking about me, here's a link

1. No Contraband What So Ever (Anything that will get this topic taken down)
2. Be Nice, No Bragging, And NO Spam
3. Advertisements Can Be Added To The Wait List By You Typing #TrevCodingAd with link and custom message!
4. Have Fun, And Hop On Hopscotchers/Forumers
Created this general topic

Working On A Spaceship Game, Come Give Ideas For You To Show Up In The Credits! Here's The Link For The Forum Post

Opened Spots Up For Advertisement For Games!
-=TrevCodings Work In Progress Spaceship Game

-=Have Your Advertisement Here Today!

-=Have Your Advertisement Here Today!

Comments From TrevCoding
Let's start a conversation below about anything that's aloud on the forums! If you are new to Hopscotch/Forums, Welcome! Hope you have a great time and enjoy your stay.

May's Competition
This months competition will be Space! All you have to do is make a game and use #TrevCodingComp1 in the name and POW! Your entered. Winner gets a HUGE advertisement above with there own custom message and link!


You can also talk about really good projects on here and discuss ways to make it better or a new version of it!


I would suggest more ppl would come on here if you edit the really long, lots-of-confusing-Emojis title. @TrevCoding maybe you could please take out the Everything Hopscotch part, since ur on the HOPSCOTCH forum. Or the Please Come Talk To Me. That's kinda desperate.
Just tryna help :D


Why is everyone putting such long titles for there general topic?


@ValueGamesStudio I see you frenpaii!


Lol when you reply to my I get a notification ten times bigger than the others XDD


Ikr all you need is
Name's General Topic!
And something SHORT about urself or te topic idk


It's like notifications is saying


I love how this topics is flooding my notafactionsLOL


XD Imma put it on Watching flood me topic!!


R.I.P. Notifacations


XD so true.

Mai emoticons

Ur emoticons


Can anybody hear me am I hidden underground
Can anybody hear me am I talking to myself


What's an emoticon?


And TrevCoding is......
sorry, I don't know you even if I read your bio :confused:


I actually made a forum Post that explains who I am I'll link it to this topic now!


Oh, no, it's okay! :blush:


Changed lol, I just did random stuff because I thought it would need to be big or something. I also added an about me link to my topic for new comers on the TrevCoding Experience!


lol I doubt my general topic will get to many people so don't worry about notifications :joy:


I'm might start a comp so people can be introduced to my topic