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This is an updated post to the old one. If you need to say any ideas on balloon poppers say it here and I'm also working on a new game I call it atom. @bluedogmc-official @Nerd4Ever @AwesomeNachos If you have any questions plz ask.


I'll be working on balloon popper now

Here is the new atom game I was talking about but it has no gameplay yet


wait we are your general testing team too? lol ok i thought it was just balloon popper but im fine with it


I tested, and it is FANTASTIC!!!


The atom game if so thanks!


No problem! I will give advice at times, (so I guess you can tag me, but not so often)!


Ok, I won't

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Here is a new version of the atom game which I now call 'Atomic Protector' You basically protect it from atomic busters which will make the atom explode. In this version it doesn't add score. In the next it will.