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Current Game We Are Working On - Balloon Popper
The TrevCoding Team - @TrevCoding @bluedogmc-official @ButterBark @Nerd4Ever @AwesomeNachos
This topic is mainly and strictly for the team to talk about ideas and bugs, if you would like to join I might consider letting you in since we really have 2-3 active.
People who need to be more active - @ButterBark @AwesomeNachos


I've been featured four times, and I would love to test and help your game get featured!

Hopscotch Name: bluedogmc
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Hopscotch Name Nerd4Ever™

Name You Prefer To Be Called By (First Name / Nickname) : Nerd4Ever

How much you love hopscotch on a scale from 1 - 10: 9

I have a lot of time on my hands, and I can spend a while trying to break the game without editing code. I'm sure I can help with ideas too.


HS Name: ButterBark_01
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Iz luv collabs


@bluedogmc-official @Nerd4Ever @ButterBark This is the latest version of Balloon Popper But it doesn't have many features. I just want to see if it's a good idea right now then I'll add lots of stuff to the shop and add more detail.


I'll check it out soon, I'm on the bus currently!


It is cool! Maybe add a timer, to time yourself to see how many times you can pop the balloons in like, a minute, or 30 seconds! The gameplay is FANTASTIC, and it is almost like color switch! (Well, a set of levels on color switch...) I really like it! Maybe if you get a certain amount of taps in 30 seconds(30 balloon pops in 30 seconds), maybe they can move on to a different difficulty, like if you can get your highscore, set that as how many balloon pops you have to get before the timer runs out! Summary: add a timer, along with 3 or 4 levels,more balloon colors(to make it more challenging), and bonus level, with no timer (so you can get a highscore, then remix with the highscore).

So, I hope you like my ideas and feedback! ( I hope you can accomplish these things, if you need help, just ask me and I will help with code.)


Wow, you had a lot of ideas. I had already thought of adding lots of game modes such as a duel mode where it splits the screen then you race your friends to see who can get the most in a curtain time, and a gamemode where there are levels. Also thanks for helping me! I'll do a new version soon. I might go ahead and add a level gamemode.




Cool, go ahead and play the version I posted already. If you have idea pitch them in!


@bluedogmc-official @Nerd4Ever @ButterBark @AwesomeNachos I'll go ahead and put you guys under credits! Thanks for helping so far


Good so far, especially the project opening. Maybe make the shop a pop out menu and/or have it be neater with more organization?


Thanks! I Really like the opening and the gameplay!


That's a perfect idea!


@bluedogmc-official @ButterBark @Nerd4Ever @AwesomeNachos I will be releasing the newest version sometime today/tonight or early tomorrow. It will include - Updated and more organized shop, a somewhat title screen, a timed mode (You will have 30-60 (based on what difficulty) to rack the most popped balloons. It will also save your high score. I also have an idea which I'll just put to the side as an unstable idea.)


That sounds awesome!


Also one bug I found with the first version; Sometimes the balloon will become invisible for one click, and then I have to guess the color. I don't know if this is only the web version or also a bug on the app itself.


By first version you mean the one I posted first or my first beta before this forum post, well I think it is the web version because I haven't seen that yet on the mobile edition. I'll get back to you if I see it


The first you posted.


Ok thanks. Also I'm releasing a new version but it doesn't include the timed mode yet