Trending?! Why? Please Help!



Hey Guys! This topic is not about me, but it is about my friend. She doesn't have an account on here and she wants to why none of her projects are on trending. I personally think it is because she gets 2-3 likes over a week or so and to get on trending you need to get likes and plays pretty fast. Except she doesn't believe me so I just wanted to know if I was correct.



Putting it in a channel will help boost popularity. Also, you can spread the word!


What exactly do you mean by "put it on a channel." ?


If your friend wants more likes, she can put her projects in a channel to boost the chance of people finding it.


Hmm...what's ur friend username?


When people get on trending, they get about 10 likes in an hour before getting on. And the project works its way up as more and more people see it on trending.

What's your friend's username?


Yep, trending is based on likes, plays, and remixes. Remixes is a pretty huge factor I have found, so if your friend wants a better chance of getting on trending, tell her to make a project like, "remix with your score" or "remix with your drawing" or something. But remember, it's not just about getting on trending and getting likes! :smiley:


Just keep trying!!