Trending vs Featured


Ok, does anyone know how/ why things get put on trending and featured? I have projects with a lot of likes that aren't on trending, where some with that number of likes are on trending. And why are some projects with 200 likes on trending and some are on featured?


The Hopscotch team chooses projects that go on featured, every project is on trending, just very far down!


Yes! Trending is a project that has a lotoflikes or/and plays!

And featured on the other hand well the hopspctch team chooses wich projects to be featured!


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Trending has a program in it that looks for projects that get likes quickly. For featured, the hopscotch team looks for projects that should go on their. They manually put projects on featured! :smiley: Also welcome to the forum @EsteemedTrout! If you ever need any help you can get my attention by doing @SnowGirl_Studios! Or just put a @ sign and the persons username!