Trending REMOVED from HS!


Sorry for tagging the OMTL for the second time today but…the title says it all trending has been removed from HS.
Any thoughts?
Does anyone know if this is temporary or permanent?

Even if you scroll further down




temporary i assume, therewas a bug when the servers were updsted



So. Trending has to be removed for a reason.


Yeah I know about that topic but now they have straight up removed it…I bet it is temporary


Well if it was permanent I honestly wouldn’t mind because lately trending has been kind of disappointing to look at. It’s just not as impressive as it used to be and I’m sure many older hopscotchers know what I mean and could agree.

They also probably hid trending so that people wouldn’t freak out about it not working but I guess they can do the same thing about it not being there at all.:thinking: I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore,:joy:


Well no trending is down right now because they upgraded their servers and trending crashed


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Yes I agree, I’m not sure why trending is so different now, I remember what trending used to be like.

THT is working on getting trending back up (and hopefully figuring out a better algorithm for the projects)!




No, my Hopscotch last time I checked still had trending.


It is temporarily as they have some issues with Trending (or at least they have had that in the past)


the algorithm worked fine. the problem is nobody cares aabout coding anymore.

i remember i used to be really excited when i got trending now im just like anything is on trending uhgh


Yes, they are going to find a new algorithm.


Well, I’m kinda glad they are changing trending


Me too, actually Hopscotch is better without trending in Mymensingh opinion.


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oh hahahahahah i get it