Trending is out. Not working at all




That’s really odd that that happened to you. I say QUADRUPLE-CHECk it is not your wifi, and then ask THH, because if a lot of people are having this issue it may be a bug.


why was my post flagged. That “word” is used extremely often lol


Actually, it doesn’t show the trending bar at all on mine


Yes, they removed it



How come???


Probably this glitch


drawing pads are considered coding…


yeah true but some people just use other ones. like honestly I really don’t mind art but I just hate rps


Trending Hs been out for weeks now. It should have been fixed by now… right?


*has instead of hs, sorry


Yeah, I hope it is.


I wonder how this is going


Lol ikr. Most of the time when I bored though I just look at trending. But now it’s gone,