Trending is back


Time to re-release Drawing Pad X with no changes and hope for trending I guess…


I know it will get trending lol :laughing:


If this boring drawing pad I made git trending I’m 100 percent sure that youts will


I just don’t have any color swatches, so it is sliders only. That is the only weakness of it


Aw I see I think I’ve come opup with the easiest way 2 add cooors (check my leprechaun for the code it’s ftu)


ohhhhhh yeah your right! Thats a great idea!


If that’s a thing, then tags need to be required.
There should also be an “other” trending for projects the don’t fit in the other tags.


I dunno about that but the rest sounds good


Yeh that’s what the third trending would be for its kinda like a trending for anything that isn’t tagged as games or art. It would include things from tags like movies or help but it would also include things that weren’t tagged at all.


Oh okay.

Yeh I’m fine with that idea.


But that would also remove some non drawin projects.


There could be a time component in conjunction to the trail filter - because drawing something would take (let’s say) 4 minutes while a game that has a last touch in a trail block will only take 10 seconds to get a thumbnail. (Menu Screen vs drawing)


The only trending games that I can remember are Minigames 0.1 (the very first) and a stolen copy of it

The Hopscotch Bugs Topic

That´s a really good idea! Or maybe we could have one Trending tab, but within it, there would be tabs such as #trending-games, #trending-art and more. Maybe there also could be a tab within the #trending tab that includes all categories, but have a better algoritm?


I haven’t gotten trending, rising or featured ever and I’ve been on since November 2014


I got fearured once and thats it


I think I’ll make a separate topic for my idea later


I have an idea that could add to the app and help with this issue. (It’s not quite a plan yet, but it’s an idea.)

The feature: under the … menu, there should be a ‘send screenshot’ button. This will allow anyone to share a high score or drawing without having to remix the whole project.

Why it would help: the trending algorithm would ignore screenshots. This way, remixes would actually have modified the code. (Did that even make sense?)





I know you @DogWithAPen I like most of your projects