Trending is back


Finally fixed it. But, I still don’t love the algorithm. Anyways, enjoy!

Nominations for Featured 2!
What’s with the projects on featured these days?
Super Giant Problem With Hopscotch Everyone Has Or Is Adding To!

Why did u do this to us


Man, I’m quitting again.
Screw this.


isn’t trending coming back good?


Heck naw
It was filled with trash rps and art And stolen projects.
This is why I quit HS


I never made it to trending

No matter how much effort I put in


Trending is based off of how many likes you get in an amount of time. That’s why people (like…cough @photographer123) could get many trending bc they would get like 40 likes in one day.


I worked hours, days, weeks, and I’ve been on constantly for more than a year with no trending, featured, nothing.


uh ya u did


I have something to confess. Trending is all with drawings and nothing with coding. As a hopscotcher I love to code and I’m disturbed with all the random drawings. I think they should only let coded projects on trending.

Have a think about it. @awesomeonion and the team.


Should I tag OMTL (ooooohhh)


I agree.


whoa, does everyone just hate trending?

  • Hopscotch should keep the trending channel
  • Hopscotch should not have trending (in its current incarnation)
  • I don’t care

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It’s not the greatest because now people will have the “I’m trying to be popular” attitude, so the attention seeking and drama will rise once again/ people may be less motivated to code as well.
People who draw will get more attention, so newcomers may view Hopscotch as a drawing app.


Well. It depends @awesomeonion. I’m disturbed because there is only drawings and isn’t hs for coding??


That’s another reason.


Aye, it took me over a year until I got my first trending…several months after that until a rising…and another 5 months after that for featured. I got lucky and did this all in well under 2 years…some people waited like 3 years before their first featured.


do u guys not understand that if u get like 4+ likes ur on Trending


I mean, I think some drawings should get on HS…but not just people chatting. Like I saw one person asking if their friends were on


Lemme guess… girly101 or one of her online friends?