Trending Hunters Topic (I hate life, Remix this!, Like I found a glitch!)


Yes I know there are other topics like this but this is the general topic

This is a topic to talk about people who hunt for trending by make remixes on purpose and saying I'm homeless and have no family. Those types of things...

I think that we can talk about how to fix this problem here. I think that this can help hopscotch and the forum because we have to talk about this.

Please no flame wars, plz I beg you

I don't want us to focus on how it hurts hopscotch focus on how we can fix it and call out not the names of people but the projects and if they are offense :wink:

If this does get out of hand leaders and mods can close this

What do you guys this about this


Good topic!

But I don't think there is really anything to talk about.

All you have to do is report them and a mod will see it and hopefully stop it.

We don't want to draw attention to the user becuase that is what they want us to do.

So just report it and move on.


Ok thanks!


Great topic!

But if you were homeless, then why would you have an iPad?


I...I just don't know people have said that they are dead and it confuses me


It is becuase they want likes and attention.

I call it pity likes.

People who like it feel sorry but they don't know that they just want attention so they post that stuff.

We users who have been around for awhile, we know not to like them.

We know that they are just a waste of time.


guess who?


She's correct, this is bringing more attention to the subject than nessecary. Do you think you could recycle or have me close this? :D


Can you close it sorry