Trending and Rising


Dear Hopscotch,
I am a little confused on how something that got eight likes can be on trending but something that as almost 1000 plays is still on “Rising”. Could you explain?


That’s a great question! I’m not from THT, but I don’t know.

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To answer your question about trending,

Projects on trending are not handpicked, and are said to be based on how quickly it gets likes/views to put it simply.

I’m pretty sure THT doesn’t update Rising very much though, so getting on Rising is much harder compared to getting on Trending.


hi! as stated above, i believe it’s based off a complex algorithm. it could be how many views or likes it gets in a certain amount of time: for example, if a project gets 8 likes in a short span of time (let’s say one minute?) then it’ll get onto trending.
to answer your question about rising, i don’t think THT updates rising anymore. feel free to do some browsing on that topic, using the teal ((or gray for mobile)) magnifying glass up there ⤤

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i hope you have a good time on here!


Welcome to the forum! As others said, Rising’s algorithm seems to be a little more unknown to us Hopscotchers and it is not updated that often. Maybe you could ask THT (The Hopscotch Team) so they can answer?

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@Stormy Trending is projects that a currently popular. Rising is projects that are almost at the level of featured but aren’t quite. So pretty much it is under featured.