Treasure Hunter


Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't been on in ages...

I have been working on a new treasure hunting game which is sorta based off of the Pythagoras' Theorum (square route of Opposite squared + Adjacent squared= Hypotenuse) which measures sound based on distance (like @MagmaPOP's Minecraft Sneak Up)

Unfortunately my game isn't 3D... Or Minecraft related but it gives you 120 seconds to get as close as you can to treasure! The sound gets faster as you get closer. Last time I posted a game on the forums, I received some great offers but only after I had posted my game online so I will leave a week for any ideas so that I can actually use them! :grin:

Thanks everyone!


I think it could be really funny!


Thanks I'll post a link for what I have so far...





Guess what?! I JUST GOT MEMBER!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning: Literally just got the badge! Sooo happy! :joy: Not coming up though...


Official Mass Tag List?


I am so confused! What happened to the FTML and why? Anyway... Just wanted some people's attention so that they could see my game!


It's really cool!
And, a while after Rawrbear left (he was the creator of FMTL), Poptart0219 made a new mass tag list, called the "Official Mass Tag List". However, a couple days after it was made, Rawrbear came back.
But yes, it might be confusing.


So which one is right?


I think you're supponerad to only use Poptart's now.


Ok thx!


Is any1 there?

Must be at least 20 characters


@Razor Is that background offer still available?


You need it?
I'll gladly make it for you
Just gimme 2 HSBS


Hmmm.... You can pick if you like... I'm not very art...y



Use this tutorial to create your own cause it won't be a remixe :D


Ok thanks @Razor! Credit shall be given! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Second Draft with new background and loading music :wink:


What do you think?


Hello everyone! I have posted the final version of Treasure Hunter!



You were all really supportive. Could you please check out my game?