Translated Projects



Hello! Here I will take screenshots of other projects on Hopscotch translated into different languages. I won’t post them on Hopscotch, but you can view them on the forum!


I am going to translate Lollypopcorn’s project “My Pet Porg”. Which language should I do? I will do the most popular language tomorrow, and then it will go on. Which language should I do first?

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian

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Oooooooo pick I know do Italian I’m only saying dis cause I’m Italian but please do!


I live in Sweden and apart from English, I’m fluent in Swedish as well so if you want me to translate anything, I could do that!


Most people voted for Spanish, so that’s coming first!



There’s a tie vote between German and Russian. I’ll go with German first.



Russian is coming next!



Italian comes next! @Ducks12, you got your wish!


don’t use google translate, it’s a horrible source for translation.



Here comes French! @Kayro, you were the only one who voted for it the first time I checked.


Yay go French! I lived in France for a year!


Sorry it’s late. I haven’t had time to do anything.


This is really cool!
Why don’t you translate languages in othe elanguagss besides European


That’s going to happen eventually. And by the way, Russian is also used in Asia.


Oh, and I should point out that French is also used in Canada and that Spanish is also used in Argentina and a few more South American countries, as well as Mexico and one country in Africa.