Traits of a good Hopscotcher


Hi guys!
There are a lot of really important traits that go into being a good Hopscotcher! So let’s go over some of them! Before we begin though, just remember that just because you aren’t these traits, it does not mean you are a bad hopscotcher! I am just going over some things that you must keep in mind when posting anywhere, not even just on Hopscotch! SO, if you don’t possess any of these traits, it does NOT mean you re a bad Hopscotcher! Every Hopscotcher is different, and you don’t all have to have these traits! These are just the characteristics, you do not have to pay heed to them.

This is crucial! You must be kind to other people! They are probably trying hard and you not supporting them makes them feel bad! Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate!

You need confidence when posting a project. You have to be confident with yourself, your abilities to code, and your project in general. You also have to be proud of your work. If you aren’t confident and aren’t proud of what you post, chances are no one is really going to like it. (However, if you love it and everyone hates it, WHO CARES!)

It is SO important to be modest! Don’t beg for likes, followers, views, or anything else like that! Be as modest as possible, and give back more than asking for more! Check out my Likes, Followers, Views post for more information!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!



Welp I’m not a good Hopscotcher


I think zthis is actually not a good topic because since you are listing traits you need, or supposedly need in your opinion, you can make some people discouraged about whether they are a good Hopscotcher or not.


I agree with Remixer.
This just makes people feel like they need to be like this.


That’s why I quit yayyyyyy


I wasn’t confident too much in my goldfinch pixel art…and it’s on rising with 200 likes.
I agree with the kind and modest part though.


And that builds confidence levels!

The sarcasm is strong with this one


Oh wait, you’re on my “be bubbly and happy around” list.

YEAHHHH! I so agree! Yay!!! Good Hopscotchers aren’t based on their skill, it’s on their optimism! :smiley: :joy: :smile: :smile_cat: :rainbow: :unicorn: :smile: :laughing:


Confidence and modesty kind of cancel each other out though


I am a bad Hopsotcher


Im none of those so im bad hopscotcher


My art sucks no one likes my projects I’m a bad person a spider can code better than me.

What? You said to be as modest as possible? XD


I am none of those things

I’m usually negative with people my age, positive with adults and infants.


I agree with you. These and other things as well are stuff that defines a good Hopscotcher. But you should always remember that if you don’t think that you for example are confident, that does not mean that you are a bad Hopscotcher because everyone is good in their own way!


I’m never confident in my projects. Even in my game changer.
I agree with HopscotchRemixer - you’re listing things you think are needed to be an awesome hopscotcher. Though I agree w/ kindness part.


0/3 ain’t bad, right? Right?!