Trails are rendered incorrectly on different devices

1 sentence description of the problem: Trails are rendered differently dependently on which device you are on

Steps to reproduce the problem every time: ooof ill tag you yuan and t1 as soon as i will be available to code again

I expected this to happen: rendering is the same

But instead this happened: rendering is different

Incorrect render (iPhone):

Correct render (iPad):

Project used to test:

Your username: Tri-Angle

Device type, iOS version:
→ iPad video: iPad 6th gen iPadOS16.x
→ iPhone video: iPhone 12 iOS16.x

Hopscotch version & player version:
(you can go to :gear: > “About”, and take a screenshot)


on top of that, the incorrect rendering is even more buggy when i press restart - later on the video i changed a small piece of code showing why it was (kinda) white screen


that’s really weird, was the FPS the same on both devices? if it was lower, maybe the lag could create a bug.


nop theyre the same - my iphone even had a better fps


the trails work fine on my iphone…
iphone xr ios 16.3.1
player version 2.2.2
hopscotch version 3.63.0

but for some reason if you line up the player correctly you can phase through a wall

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thats a bug from my collision code


And the HS version on both devices are the same, right?

I haven’t experienced this since I’m on an iPad, but super weird bug…

Try recreating a simple trail on a separate draft, and if the problem persists, then yeah, it’s a bug. If not, then nothing makes sense anymore…