Trail Art/Shapes and Pixel Art Competition!



So I am having a Trail Art/Shapes and Pixel Art Competition!! If you want to join just comment with your HS name!! If anyone wants to give out prizes then just tell me!! Your Trail Art will be due October 15 2016!!

Here are the prizes!!

1st: a shoutout, 20 likes, a background (only 2 colors)
2nd: a shoutout, 15 likes, a shoutout on the forum.
3rd: a shoutout, 10 likes, a shoutout on the forum!!

Here is how I will judge your projects!

Creativity 1-100
Difficulty 1-100
Pretty 1-100

People who have entered:

1.@FoodDelivery -FINISHED
2.@minioncandy -FINISHED
5.@BlastFusion -FINISHED
There will be more spots if more people join!!

Melpar's general topic/AMA (Help with trail and pixel art)

Maybe, I will think about it


@minioncandy @Intellection74 @FoodDelivery @StarryDream @bluedogmc-official


Okay!! Just tell me if you want to join!!


@CodePerfect Put me in the participants list! I would love to join!


Okay!! Do u want @FoodDelivery or @FoodDelivery2.0?


Should you change your bio?




yea I will. Thanks for reminding me


I'll think about it! Sounds fun! :smiley:


Oh sorry I didn't tag u. Forgot to Slaps his head in disappointment


Okay I will put u on!!


Hey @codeperfect can we add some shapes as well? Or does it just have to be trail art!


Does pixel art count? :)


Pixel art. Yes it will!! @ThatOtherGuy yes shapes will count.


Can you enter 2 projects?


And can you enter art you have already made?


No you can not enter 2 projects. It will be unfair to the other competitors if they don't enter 2 projects and other people did.


Yes you can enter projects that you have already made!!


Ooh pixel art. So hard to choose which projects to submit!