Trail Art Requests! :)


I decided I’m going to do more trail art, so if anyone has a request, post an image of what you want done and the name!

Peace out!
//cough cough @POMTL


Can you do my pfp here’s the picture
(You don’t have to do this)


I’ll try! (It won’t be animated though)



Someone said “Chat Art”

“Chat” is french for “Cat”.

I’ll attempt to code a painting or drawing cat! XD lol im so funny

  • No u aren’t stop trying to kid yourself
  • U r lying ur jokes suck
  • stop making bad jokes and get a life
  • Ahaha so funny…just kidding. It wasn’t.

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@Panthera sorry if you get invited to your own topic I was testing something


Oooh this seems nice. Hey is it ok if we share together so I can do too


AAaAaaAa can I please try to do it? I can try to make it move


K sure!


Maybe make something spring related? A flower maybe?



Hmm…maybe watering flowers?


That sounds awesome! I got a cool picture in my head of how it could be made.


I have a few requests to do- maybe I should start them?


Sure you can do it!!!:grinning: :whale:


Could you try to do the Deathly Hallows symbol or the rebel symbol from Star Wars for me? Thanks!


Oh ok!

Hmm…deathy hollows it is!


could you make an exact replica of the mona lisa with trail art?


Hmm…in about ten years based off my current rates of procrastination and skill level