Trail Art Requests


Hey guys! I've recently found out I love trail art! So I decided I'd be taking requests! Fill out the form below to request! Please note I'm coding on my iPod so itll take a while.

Form -
What would you like it to be:
Anything else:

Pending Requests -
@AwesomeNachos: Cheeseburger
@Hero_Dino: Violin
@BellaWafflez17: Waffle
@StarryDream: GS Puppy
@Sensei_Coder: Donut

Finished Requests -






Nuuu! At @AwesomeNachos beat me! How dare youuuuuuu! Elle XD


Thanks for requesting guys! I'll start right away!


oh yeah hi

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Hi! Please don't use the OMTL in other people's topics =D



y? i want these bootiful posts to get recognition


Oh yeah I forgot this:
Username: iWaffle


Username: Sweetlina
What would you like it to be: the :lollipop:
Colors: Only shades of purple
Anything else: YOU ROCK


Congrats! You found your passion ish thing


Form -
Username: minioncandy
What would you like it to be: girl

Skin color: peach (HSB (30,26,100))
Eye color: black (HSB (0,0,0))
Purple shirt: HSB (280,100,90)
Blue jeans (short): HSB (220,100,100)
Lavender sneakers: HSB (280,50,100)
Hair color: Blackish-brown (HSB (30,100,20))
Hair style: left side ponytail
Hair length: halfway down shoulders
Hair tie color: hot pink (HSB (325,100,100))
Expression: :blush:
Lip color: pastel red (HSB (0,25,100))
Nose color: peachy-tan (HSB (30,30,96)) (just do a little curved trail)
Cheek color: pastel reddish-pink (HSB (345,24,100))
Pose: plain standing

Anything else: a light gray (HSB (0,0,80)) title that says: Trail Art Girl!

Thank you! BTW what's your HS username?


Username: StarryDream
What would you like it to be: a German Shepherd puppy!
Colors: black and tan
Anything else: nothing!^_^

(BTW on Friday night I dreamed of getting a German Shepherd puppy. DA PUPPY WAS SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!)


Nuuu it must be a viola
Sorry XD

Cool topic! :D
I love your trail arts(and all your projects in general) so I'll think of something to request later. :D



Um, @Malie? @Malie-senpai?

Have you forgotten about dis topik?!


Nerp, there just taking me a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time :3


I understand​:wink:
Gude luck on mai GSP!(German Shepherd Puppy):dog: