Trail art requests for Purple artist 🎨



request anything! Random things, nature, animals , food. And so on! But no logos . My mom says no to them now

Hope u request,



Um ok
I request you to do a trail art of a period!
Like this



Finished. To make it a little more exiting I added it to change the width to ur satisfaction. Here is a link


do the logo of the server on the game (I'm kinda been playing a lot of multiplayer on mc lately)

server is Hypixel



The earth, technically


Huh, you mean the H in hopscotch?


Can u do at logo for meh? I like orange, and cows and llamas


What is hopscotch name


Oh, wait sorry , guys, my mom says no more logo requests!? Really annoying.


Thank you so much!
It looks perfecto!


I dont know that server.


Finished! I love link it soon


Here is a link


ip is
It's the #1 MC server


I don't think I can do that. So sorry.


If it would be okay with you, I will give it a go.


I gave it a try -- it's not the best, as the angles were hard.


Cool! I still don’t think I could pull something like that off!


Hey, keep working on it and you’ll get there for sure! It simply takes practice :wink: