Trail art question


So I’m trying to make a game where I have to do trail art OVER the text, which is an emoji. But even if I say “Bring to front” on the trail art or “send to back” on the emoji, the trail art always does a trail BELOW the emoji. How can I fix this??


You can’t. For some reason THT made it so you can’t draw a trail on top of an object. They should really fix it tbh


It isn’t broken.

If they changed it so that trails could be higher in the z axis, it’d create more confusion than now.

Is it drawn by the user? Or is it a Trail art that is coded into the project Andy looks the same every time?


It’s something that the user has to draw.


Okay. What will happen before and after the Trail is able to be drawn?


Basically I’m making a nail art game where I’m using the :raised_back_of_hand: for the hand. Then I’m going to let the user paint over it.


Okay. Is that all that’s going to happen?


I saw in other projects that if you put the invisibility to (less than 100) than the trail art will go over it. But what if I want it to be on full visibility?


Yeah it’s all that’s gonna happen


I would use objects. Probably circles.

In that case, I’ll do some tests to see if I can find a solution for you.


Ok thank for all your help!!


Hello! Can I see a screenshot?


Okay. I’ve created a method you can use, but it isn’t very good. This is because unlike draw a trail blocks, it draws a dot, not a line. So you have to draw slowly, and can draw a limited amount of dots. It also gets laggier the more you draw.

Look through the code and ask me about anything you don’t understand.


Most people make a trail art hand then you would be able to draw right over it.


Like others said, this isn´t possible (at least not when I am writing this), unfortunately. You can try to code the emoji using Trail Art, but it wouldn´t work otherwise. Sorry!