.-. (trail art problem)


Ohhh why is there not background?
There should be a background .-.



Why do you guys post so fast?
To much general topics


Hmmm.... weirD

Some trail art expert will probably find a way to fix it before I post this, but maybe experiment with the width or something?? My backgrounds usually work when they're at 3000 width ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Weird because every other time it worked...
Heres what happened

Aww :frowning:


... wow :00

I don't know... maybe just start experimenting with everything then?? XD

I accomplished one of my goals by experimenting when I didn't even know I was experimenting


But I did work before, just now it dose not like me I guess.

I think its a tech issue


It worked before?? Okay now thiS IS DEFINITELY WEIRD TO THE EXTREME


Maybe save your draft, log out and log back in, or double click and swipe HS?? I'm running out of ideas XD


I did that
Should I email them?

wait letme log out and back in
wait nvm that did not work


My guess is that saturation 100 means completely white, try turning it down :smiley:

although I might just be being an idiot cause idk trail art XD


Saturation 0 is white I think :DDD

Woah I don't know what's going on, this is weird :0


I think you need to change your HSBs. As far as I can tell, it is drawing a trail, but the color is white.


White's HSB(0,0,100), it wouldn't be the color...


Its ment to be blue, as I said it worked before


(The EXAAAAAACT same code....)


The HSBS are normal and should represent blue

Maybe show any code that could find what's happening?


I think I misread the colors XD

why don't I have my glasses on...


Weird.... I think that happened to me once, but it went back to normal after it double tap and swipe it out


Try closing the app, it should work =D


Everyone I know .-.


Hmmm...I'm not sure...
Try deleting the code, then redoing it.