Trail art Nike help!


Can anyone help me make a trail art Nike logo? You will get credit!


Oil! I will help sort of!


I think ArtsyCoders made a Nike swoosh. Maybe you can ask him?


Cool! I can't figure out the code.. I'm making a Nike quote and I want to put the logo on it. Any ideas of code to make it?


How about you make a line going diangonol. (Pretty fat) then cut off part of kit with the same color as the background. So it makes a swoosh. (One sec a will get exactly what you need)


Good idea.. I think I might use sine and cosine to make it curve at the bottom. Idk


Awesome Johnson made that one. Maybe I will use that?


Yeah that would be a good idea!


Ok, does awesome Johnson have a forum account? I want to ask to use it. Thanks for the help!


Yes, it is @Awsome. :slight_smile:




@Awsome , can I use your Nike logo code with credit?


Sure! An awesome coder like you could put it to some good use!


Wow, thanks! I'll give credit!


@Awsome, I can't get the code right! Can you help me? I did change the width also!