Trail Art Lessons! Any help! Come here for trail art help!



Ok, so here is some help for u, @Princessbunny1 . And anyone else who. needs help. So first, choose what u want to code, such as a bunny.

Next, start with the main part of the object. Think about what shape it is. For example, the body of the bunny. The head is a circle shape, so that would be draw a trail, move forward 1. If you don't know how to make the shape, comment below.

Last, the face or the other details. The eyes are easy, just the color you want, move forward one, and the white shine towards the edge; reply for some code on that. For the mouth, you can use this ( and turn it degrees 90. Look in my code for a coded one but give credit!

Hope this helps and reply below for an y additional help.


@Princessbunny1 r u on???


@TheBloomingGarden I am here I just fell asleep some how please answer


Well, what would you like to do trail art of?


I want to make a cupcake


Oh! Okay, so first, lets think about the cupcake. What shape is it in? A circle will do. So, say it is a chocolate cupcake. Do move forward 1 inside the draw a trail color brown, and make the width 350.


A sphere sort of but flat on the bottom


Then, for the square, make it overlap the circle so it will look like the top of a cupcake. To do the square, you have to turn degrees 90 and repeat that 4 times. I will leave the width to you (make it big so the square will be filled in). Also, plz give me credit!


Cool! Talk to you then


@TheBloomingGarden I'm back sorry about that


I need help on that how about we make an account together on Hopscotch and that account is going to be trail art


Good Idea then I can help you there. How about you make the account, since it was ur idea, and u can choose the username


Can I help with dis topic?
Looks fun! :3


Sure! Do u want help or do u want to help explain, @BerryFOX


The username could be BloomingCoder​:hibiscus:


Sounds good!!!!!!!:ok_hand: Yay


Thanks!! :DDDDDD
I will do what I can!! :DDDDDD


What should the password be though


Idc. Whatever u want


Cool. Do u do trail art???