Trail Art Ideas?!?


Does anyone have any Trail Art ideas I can do? I just posted an orange if you haven't checked it out go check it out!! (and go follow me if you haven't.) So anyone have any ideas?




@FoodDelivery @Maltese @PandaBlossom @CreationsOfANoob have any trail art suggestions?


What are your hobbies, or something you regularly like to do? Maybe code the object of the thing you like. Or, just look around you! I've gotten plenty of trail art ideas just from taking a walk around Disney World.


Awesome!! Thanks senpai. I might try and code a baseball and a baseball bat!


That sounds so cool! If you need help, I'm pretty sure I know how to make a baseball bat out of trails.


Awesome thanks!! I play baseball so that is why I might do it!! It might be hard to because it needs to grow bigger the longer it gets.


There's an easy code for that :D

Just set a value to a number, to make your baseball bat have a bigger start or a smaller one.

Then, bring out a repeat block. When you set it to a bigger number, it gets longer.

Inside the repeat block, bring out a 'draw a trail' block.

Put the color you want inside, and make the width 'value' (the one you put in before). In the move forward block, adjust it to a number from 1-10, the bigger number you choose, your bat will get thinner.

Then, between the 'draw a trail' block, but still inside the repeat block, put an 'increase value' block, adjust your number from 1-10, the bigger number you choose, your bat will have a bigger width.

Then you're done! Sorry if I confused you, I can take a picture of the code later if you want.


Thank you!! And could you take a picture of the code when you do it, because sometimes visuals help!!


Sure, when I get the time I will!


When do you think that will be?

no rush I was just wondering.


Probably when I get out of school. My school iPad won't let me get into hopscotch, sadly. (But when it did, I always used to code during class XD)


Okay that's fine!! Also that's what I would do. But since I am homeschooled I just code the rest of the afternoon cause we finish by lunch time.


That sounds cool :D


Yeah. Come to my general topic. I want to ask you something. I will tag you there!


I tagged you there!!


I look for inspiration on
Omg it still sounds like you are somone I know. His name is Josh and he is in the same time zone, he's really good at math, and loves baseball! XD


Maybe you guys know watch other??


@CodePerfect said he was homeschooled. @Hermione


Ok that makes sense !

Oh btw I didn't mean watch I meant each


Yeah I figured! That would be creepy if we were watching eachother XD