Trail art help?


Hey people :raising_hand:! So lately I've been REALLY struggling with trail art :neutral_face:. Can someone tell me how to get the curves and stuff coded? thx a lot :smile_cat:!


I'll try but it's almost midnight
lol why am I up this late?


Curves and angles are done with the Set Angle and Turn blocks. They're a little hard to get right at first, but just look at other people's code for circles and squares and stuff and you'll be good!


Hi there!

For curves, you can use turn blocks with move blocks. Or, you could use the sine and cosine blocks as well.

If you need help, let me know. Tag me anytime :smiley:


uh.... I can't do trail art so.....


can you help?


What are you trying draw? After studying some other projects as suggested above, post your progress if you're still having trouble. I'm sure someone will jump in the help if you have a specific question.


I do a little trail art, but what kind of trail art are you going to make?


For a curve, I just use "move forward" and "turn" blocks. The higher the number in the move forward block, the wider the curve. The greater the number of degrees in the turn block, the more curve you get in a short length. It is a good idea to "set speed to 9999." Here are some more trail art examples of mine if you need more help:


There are two major ways. (For a curved line.)

•Sine and cosine, which is complicated to explain, so I won't bother. (Just look it up, there are some pretty good tutorials on it.)

•And, repeat, turn, and move forward.

Start by making this is a base

[set angle (whatever you want)°]
[repeat 360 times]
| draw a trail]
| | [Turn 1°]
| | [Move Forward 1]
| End]

Then you can edit the numbers to adjust it to your will.

Oh, and btw, I love helping with trail art, tag me anytime! (^_-)


I recommend sine and cosine.
@KVJ knows how to explain it, I understand it, but can't explain it. Sorry.




I'm thinking of doing a logo. Since my logo is probably going to be a unicorn, it will require LOTS of curves and circles. Thanks!


There are many types of unicorn image, can you look up a picture that you want to recreate?


Cool! thanks for the advice! :+1: