Trail Art Help? ;)


Hehehe...I'm making a secret project including trail art... I can't figure out how to make a capital 'N' it goes wrong here

I have the code,

As you guys know, I'm veeerry bad at trail art..@SmilingSnowflakes ..? Help? You are the BOSS of it anyway!
Thank you! :blush:


Instead of using set angle, I find it easier to use the turn blocks. :smile:


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The Y block! :D

One second... I could explain better once I get to my low-on-battery iPad...


Ookkkaayyy! Imma trying dat!




Thanku! Now you see my inner failings XD


The reason that I think @SmilingSnowflakes is referring to is that the bottom 'Leave a Trail' has Change Y by 50, which would cause it to go up. Try putting in Change Y by -50!
Sorry if this is confusing :sweat_smile:


Annnddd I will try that when my iPad stops glitchy XD


I got my iPad!

Instead of a Y block, there needs to be a move foward block that moves foward... More then 50... Try something around 75-100. :D


Although you didn't ask for help with this, I suggest changing it to set angle to -45. :D


Kay Kay! Lemme experiment! Get ready for some explosions!