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Yes I searched before I posted, and I found nothing such as this. I know there’s give help topics but this one is specifically for trail art. So if you need help with trail art post your problem here and help shall come!

#Some good trail art makers

So yeah.

Help with Trail Art
Help for trail art!

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Lol saw that edit.

Oh yeah! How could I forget *facepalm

I LOVED her swan trail art.


Wow! :0

Thank you so much for tagging me! c:

I would love to help anyone with trail art, although I'm not as experienced with everything that has to do with it :0


*GREAT actually, not good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'm working on a trail art. Can anyone tell what it is yet?


Woah! :0

That's amazing! c:

Is it a person? :3


Heheh thanks.. It's not even halfway done yet.

No it's not a person. I guess it's a what not a who.

It'll become more clear the further I progress.


I'm ok with trail art.
It's fun to make but mine is really bad ;-;


I got some advice when using a lot of HSBs

You don't want to have to, memorize them all, or search the project to find the right HSB. So make a rule for each separate HSB and add a set color with the corresponding HSB. I'm using that trick for the trail art.


Melanie Martinez and Frisk!

Good job! I'm not good at doing people trail art..


Oh, okay XD

I was thinking the grey part was hair, and the circles were the head XD

Anyways. That's cool! :0

Here's a WIP-

I already have a background ready, I just didn't add it yet. XD

I'm making the quote a little smaller and making it prettier with the angle effect. :0

It probably looks a little deformed by now(XD), but when I'm finished, it'll look like two people holding hands. c:

I'm also making the finger on the far right more centered XD

It's basically a mess as of now :0


That's AMAZING! If I attempted that it would look like a COMPLETE mess.

Also you are correct, it's an animal you could say.

With hair.


Thanks! Except I don't really know how to make the bangs half-n-half colors :P


Instead of using a shape you could make the bangs out of trail art. It would take a while but it would work.


Thank you XD

No it won't. ;-;

I have an idea for something else I wanna code, and I'll probably publish that one today, unlike the WIP, which will probably be published after that. :0

It's taking too long. XD


Well the trail art you are doing is really complex so I understand.

The trail art I'm doing is pretty complex but not as complex as what you are attempting (and you are doing a good job on it)


It is complex, but it totally wasn't what I was aiming for XD

I wanted to make the fingers look real, but there was no way. ;-;

I tried making a value that gets less wider, but that made my fingers really pointy XD

So I just left it the way I'm doing now. :0


I need to make an oval tilted by like 45 degrees.


Help me someone.


Is it a MLP? (My Little Pony :wink:)

And thanks for tagging me! You should tag @RenegadeBird1 also!