Trail Art Contest!


@OMTL Hey guys!!! I was bored so I thought I would make a trail art now with pixel art if you do not want to do trail art contest. In this you will be rated by judges





The top 5 projects win and will revive a certain amount of likes and a nomination
if you want to give prizes apply below


A trail art request from @William04GamerA

Contest ends September 10th
Good Luck


Ok, this looks like fun!

First post


So, just draw? You should make a better organized topic.


It’s is a trail art contest so you should make trail art with coding


Oh, I can help you make a super detailed question


Ok , cool


I will join if I come back on HS!


I might join…


Cool @CodePerfect why did you get off hs


Do you know who I was?


Nope​:sob::sob: I’m new


This is cool! I suggest you also have a specific theme and set of rules including a start and end date to organize the contest. (A theme would make good inspiration and make it more specific and interesting)


Ok @IShallNotBeNamed Thanks I will do that later because I have a football game right now so… in a couple hours it will be done


Hey @IShallNotBeNamed


Hi! I haven’t seen you in a while. Are you going to take part in the contest?


I might. Look at my latest post


Can I be a judge? And also, could a prize be a trail art request from me?


Can I be a judge. I want to do something in this competition but I am terrible at trail art


Yes. I would love for you to do that


Sure. I will add pixel art too