Trail Art Club!


This is my entry – sorry for missing the other one!


Even if this has do do with mine, I love it!


In addition, I would love to have a competition where we make either a background design or an animal trail art.


Here is my entry:


Whoa how did you get those trail arts to look so good?


Actually, he’s done better.

That’s how good he is.


True, he has still, it’s great. (So are you @NindroidGames)


Wow that’s neat! :3


@WaterFlame @PurpleArtist Well, thank you so much!
@NindroidGames Yeah, I have done that. The last few days, I’ve been super super busy, but I am trying to make as detailed trail arts as I can. Right now, I think that I will have more time to make good trail art.


Hi! When is this challenge due? Just wondering – I’ve already submitted mine :slight_smile:


Well it ends tonight I guess because tomarrow are the results.


Oh okay :ok_hand:
That sounds good, I just didn’t know :slight_smile:


I have an idea for the next challenge, we should do something from the forum! It could be the signs, the topics. It would be pretty cool to do these things.


Hi everyone! I have good news that I found the winners and also bad news… When school starts I will be totally inactive on Hopscotch and the forum because I need to study and get my homework done. So that means I won’t be able to really focus on this trail art club. So I will be leaving. A little good news is that somebody can take it over if they want to become the person who judges. This will also be my last week on the forum until summer. Maybe I will stop in one or twice a week to check it out. But not much. I hope you guys can agree on a leader after this week.
1st Place: @William04GamerA William04Gamer for making a great school detailed trail art.
2nd @WynterDiamond for taking on the only natural disaster challenge and making a very great rainstorm trail art.
3rd (tied.) I couldn’t decide on who’s was better so I made it a tie between @WaterFlame and @PurpleArtist Both very great school supplies for the school year!
The final topic is going to be something related to technology! Anything that uses batteries wires light bulbs ect. Good luck!
Same rules apply as always.


@t1_hopscotch may you make it so everyone can see this?
Sorry it can’t be p,aged in web.
Sorry I missed most of the challenges.


Her is my entry. It’s a clock

Any comments?


Wow that’s good. :+1: I think I kinda have a similar project though. :joy:


I think @William04GamerA will win this technology contest, cause he’s an expert in trail art technologies! :wink:


Wow! 1st place is really good! Thank you! As this week’s challenge is a technology challenge, I will also enter this challenge.

Thank you @WaterFlame! My best trail art is definitively my technology trail art, but I have no idea what my place in this challenge will be.

I am also starting school this week, and I will see how my schedule will be and everything like that, but I think that I could have time to help you with the judging!


Okay. And your welcome! :0