Trail Art Club!


It will end on Saturday and winners and new topic will be revealed on Sunday


Here’s an idea for the next challenge.
Make a trail art tsunami that moves across the screen and covers anything in it’s path, like a boat or building.
If you don’t like this idea, it’s fine with me.


I like it! Thanks for giving me an idea! To all the other people in the club you can also request a topic. Thanks for requesting one @Stradyvarious because I didn’t have any ideas! :wink:


Sorry, I won’t do this challenge either. Why? I was meant to make it today, and I have tried with different trail arts but pretty much the only thing that I can’t do in trail art is nature. It just doesn’t look good. But, I’ll work on all the other challenges, maybe we could have a logo challenge or a challenge when you are going to recreate a real-life object?


Sure! But also Stradyvarious wants to do a natural disaster challenge. But then I’ll consider a real thing after that- I love all your trail arts involving technology by the way.


Thank you, that is the trail art that I am best at. And the tsunami would really be a challenge to make, I don’t know how to make it honestly.


I would use either dynamic trail art or the easy way. Which I can’t explain. ._.


I like your “Natural disaster” category idea.
You could make the challenge to make a moving trail at scene,
Like a tsunami, sinkhole, or forest fire, for example

If everyone else finds this idea too difficult then maybe choose something else like @William04GamerA mentioned.


I think that’s a pretty neat idea, @Stradyvarious!


I think another great idea would be school, because it is almost starting. My school starts in the end of this month


When do we get the results of the challenge? It is lunch already


OK everyone. Sorry I went out for breakfast so…
3rd Place: @Stradyvarious MOVING WATERFALL! Omg I thought this was so cool and an amazing idea. Great Job! I loved how it moved- that was very creative.
2nd Place: @WaterFlame Awesome Sunset! It was an amazing breathtaking trail art that was really beautiful and really shouted NATURE!
1st Place: Congrats @PurpleArtist! First of all, your background was amazing- but also the fact that you could draw on it was pretty spectacular! Great job! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: Congrats Everyone!
No news or anything lately- but… Now you can request a topic for all of us to do in case I run out of ideas!
This week is going to be a little wonky! You have a choice! You could either take on a challenge from a request that @Stradyvarious made and make any type of natural disaster trail art. So you could do a tsunami, earthquake, fire… Or what I thought was a good idea from @PurpleArtist to do a school trail art- either is accepted.
(To @William04GamerA I will do your request next time for a topic.)
The same rules apply as always- no remixing, nothing mean ect. Ect…
Good job guys, give yourself a pat on the back! (Wow I sound like I’m from the 80’s :anguished:)
From your Fruity Coder: Original🍒


OMg ! Thanks!
last challenge I got second!! This challenge first! Hurray! Also, congrats @WaterFlame!


Here is my entry. I’m sorry if it’s to early, but could I just submit it now?

Any comments?


I’ve enjoyed getting involved in the challenges so far, but I won’t making any more trail art.
I’m getting bored with the trail art topics and don’t like having time limits.
This is nothing against you, it’s just a personal thing with me.
To all involved, have fun.


Bye @Stradyvarious. :wave::blush:


So, can we do school trail art too? If so, I’ll do it.


I’ll do some sort of tsunami thing if I don’t not do it.


This is my entry. Sorry if it was the same as @PurpleArtist’s entry. This was the first thing that came to my mind.


I think it’s fine. Yours does have a ruler, while mine doesn’t @WaterFlame.