Trail Art Club!


Yup, your entry is accepted. You can add more stuff too if you want, just remember to repost it.


It’s ok that you didn’t finish, nobody really has to finish. Oh and by the way guys these trail arts are REALLY GOOD so far!


Here is my entry
Draw on a valley
What do you guys think?


HI everyone I made a really fast, (bad) trail Art for a quick late example. Sorry, it’s not very clean and amazing. But I just wanted to whip up something quick for you guys. Here it is.


Okey dokey. :v:


I like the transparency effects you used for the clouds and the stripe trails used for the hills.:smiley:


Nice message about using clean transport in your trail art.


Thanks :3 I was in a rush so I made it as fast as I could but I’m glad you liked it.


I love the drawing effect in yours. It’s really fun. I love how all the entries this week have something kind of creative.


Yup, :blush: I looked at it. Why were u worried it wasn’t accepted?


Thanks guys! I love all the compliments


Omg your trail arts are the best


I don’t know. Is it even related to nature?


Of course it is! Have you not seen a sunset in nature before? There beautiful


Hm. I guess that’s true. Thanks for
helping, my friend @PurpleArtist! :blush:


Thank you so much for saying that!


Well, how could I not. It’s the truth!


@OriginalCherry, when will this challenge end? Just asking. :wink:


I think tomorrow or Sunday


Hi! I’m so sorry that I didn’t see this before – please tag me when a new challenge comes out! I will do this challenge soon.