Trail Art Club!


Hey guys! Just saying there might not be a example for this weeks topic! Or maybe the example will just come out later, I have just been doing a lot of summer school work and took a little attention off of hopscotch! Hope you don’t mind!
PS: It might come out later in the week though.


Hey everyone! Sorry for no example for this week by the way. This week we got four entries, which was good for the first week of competition. That’s all the announcements for right now.
3rd Place SkyFrost!
2nd Place: PurpleArtist!
1st Place: WynterDiamond!
Nice work everyone for the first week, all these quotes were nice!
I am really sorry William! I’m sad you didn’t get your quote done in time but I would still LOVE to see it! I can’t wait, even though you won’t be able to compete it would be cool if you could post it anyways!
Our new topic this week is nature! You can do any trail art involving nature this week. You could do trees, flowers, grass, mountains… OH YEAH! Don’t be scared to do a flower tapper or something because too me that’s still considered trail art! So have fun doing a nature project!
The rules are the same from the last competition! :wink:


Here’s my entry
A waterfall over a mountain.
All visuals made with pen.



Ooh that’s good. :+1: <<<<<>


This is my entry! Created it just now.

What do you think? :open_mouth:


Wow, that’s very good. I love the way you coded the sunset.


Thanks. I appreciate that :smiley:


Looks great.
I like the shades of green you used for the hills👍🏻


Thanks for le comment! Yours is good too! I love the animation
of the waterfall. :smile::v:


Hey hope you like it!


Is my entry accepted? I’m worried.


Also, can I add more stuff?


Sorry for not doing the last weeks challenge, I simply didn´t have the time! But I´ll try this week, however, I am not good at doing nature trail art projects, sorry.


That’s really good!!!:slight_smile:


Thanks. I think it’s kinda good, I guess, :wink:


It’s ok. You don’t have to do all of the challenges. Just try to have fun. :wink:


Yeah, I know. And trail art is fun :slight_smile:


Uh huh. By the way, your trail arts are awesome! :+1:


Thank you so much! Your trail arts are amazing too!


Thanks. :DDD