Trail Art Club!


Hello! I am making a trail art club! This will be a fun club where every week I will do a new topic for trail arts! The challenge will always start on Monday and end on Sunday. Every Monday is when the new topic is released and the winners are announced. Winners will get a follow and a shoutout and all that good stuff! I’m hoping a couple of people will participate in this! You can either just remix my project coming out on Sunday to submit or just post it on this topic!
PS Sorry for inactivity.

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Hello! I'm new(ish)?
Hopscotch News Team

I’ll join. Other good trail art people are
@KayKat @TheDrawer and more who probably don’t want to be tagged.


Hm, I will join, but I cannot promise to do every single challenge although I will try my best.




That’s OK! You don’t have to do all of them. Most of this is for fun, it’s not like, “DO THIS OR YOU ARE OUT FOREVER!!!”


I was just saying some people that came to mind up there.


Can I Join, Please???


Of course! The more the better!


Judge: OriginalCherry

Last Winners:


Last Topic:


Sure I’ll do it


Hi! I would love to join! Just tag me when a new challenge comes out :wink:


Thank u every one! So far we have six members in only four hours! Cool! Thanks for joining!


I would like to join! Just tag me when there’s a new challenge?


Looks fun. I’ll join.


I am in a lot of challenges, but I want to join this one as it is related to trail art and it sounds really fun! I might not be able to do all the challenges though.


That’s okay if u miss a challenge, just maybe say something.


Can I join?


Yup, let me just put u up there. So far we have nine people who have signed up! My goal was ten!


Hi, I’d like to join.
I have to wait till the 27th to get involved.
Also I would be using Tynker for trail art and posting the pics here.


What is Tynker? It sounds interesting.