Trail and Shape Art Coding Contest! RESULTS NOW!



No more entering! Results have been officially decided. Results posted by 7:30 AM Australian Eastern Time

Hi! I have seen many contests on the forum b4 so credit to you if you did one b4 me. By the title, you can tell what's coming. To enter, make a trail or shape art, publish it, post the link, project name, what your Hopscotch name is, here! There will prizes for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.
Have Fun!

I will like the participants project to thank them for participating!


You can enter trail/shape arts you have already published

Projects will be judged on:
Diffculty 1-100
How realistic it looks 1-100
Creativity on the project 1-100

Score will be out of 300!

Trail/Shape Art Object to code: Your favourite/any food!


Enter at the latest: 24th Of September 2016 (Australian Eastern Time)

1st place prize: A shoutout from FoodDelivery + A project of your choice to be nominated for Featured by FoodDelivery + A trail art project dedicated to you + a follow and likes from FoodDelivery

2nd place prize: A project of your choice to be nominate for Featured by FoodDelivery + A shoutout from FoodDelivery + a follow and likes from FoodDelivery

3rd place prize: Spam likes from FoodDelivery + Shoutout from FoodDelivery+ a follow from FoodDelivery

Hopscotchers who have already entered:
@SomeWonder Strawberry Donut by Digits Of Pi
@DA-BEASTY b a n k s i a by DA-BEAST
@FacingSouth Sushi by FacingSouth
@FatUnicorn M&Ms - by Spiralling Unicorn
@ThatOtherGuy Eggs Everywhere! by The Other
@CodePerfect Egg trail art!!! by CodePerfect
@BaconAndEggs Some Bacon by BaconAndEggs
@cupcakemaniac1 Ramen Bowl by cupcakemaniac1
@Benjeeeeek Breakfast is served by Benjeeeeek
@minioncandy Juice Box! by minioncandy
@TheDrawer Pear by The Coder : )
@FeatherPillows I've gone bananas! by Feather Pillows
@GeniusArtist Society's Problem by Genius Artist
@Candycane Burger : D by CandyCane :lollipop:
@RainbowGalaxy Ice-Cream...lour by Rainbow Galaxy
@Puppylulu Pancake! by PuppyLulu

People who might want to enter:


Think outside the box! Be creative

(Little tip: Really define what trail/shape art means first)


I'm going to write a story
FoodDelivery needs a coding partner!

I must do thissss ooooommmmgggggawd


Sounds good; But I'm bad at hopscotch art. Lol


im gonna enter!!!!!!!


Same it's soooooooo amazing


Projects will be judge on the difficulty and the realism and the creativity


Right, even though I'm bad I'll give it a go. Good concept @FoodDelivery.


Im gonna make something simple, im new to HS


oooh, im so bad at making trail art... I'll give it a go



nope, im having 1st place thank you :joy:



So it has to be a trail/shape art of a food?


yes, any/favourite (i never said it had to be human food) :wink:


Oh, okay!:laughing:


can i submit more than 1?


unfortunately it would be unfair if you did, so sorry nope

Project name: Strawberry Donuts
Hopscotch Name: Digits Of Pi


This sounds like a lot of fun! I might join but I haven't done trail art in a while. I'll let you know if I end up joining! :wink:


What a nice response @Madi_Hopscotch_ keep it up and you'll be a leader one day