Toy Trail Art Contest


Toy Trail Art Competition

Anybody can join just reply with your project and project name and username.
Also can someone help give out prizes.

1st place: spam likes, follow, shoutout, logo, website, and request

2nd place: spam likes, follow, shoutout, request

3rd place: spam likes, follow, and shoutout

Just have in mind there will only be 3 winners and make sure it is a toy. Good luck!


I'll help with prizes!!


Thanks so much! You are really helpful.


No prob! Happy to help anytime!


Can you please help to get people to join?


Trail art of a toy? I know someone who will want to compete in this :wink:


Who? Can you please get them to join?


Try adding the OMTL from @PopTart0219's topic!


Hi @CheckyWecky. Do you want to join this contest?


Here is da mass tag list
This is from @PopTart0219

Please join


Sowwy but I'm not really interested :neutral_face:


Okay.... not everyone will be interested.


I'll try! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Dat means a lot.


Remember to only use the mass tag list once :)

Also, sorry but no I can't join :0


Sorry, oops didn't know.


That's alright :D


Joined forum a while ago have not used until a month ago.


Make sure when you enter to take a screenshot or post the link.


I don't exactly know what trail art is.