Town project ideas are welcome



Who can give me any ideas for this project I am working on? This is what I got so far


You can have shops randomly placed at certain times and this can cause the value of some houses to go up that are near and devalue houses further away.
And have some disasters like fires,termites, floods etc


At random times, an animal could appear and you could have the choice to keep it.

Or at random times, someone will try to sell you something that could help you with building or something like that


Thanks. I will see what I can do


i have put in some random fire and a guy where you can make your house fireproof for a little bit of time

I remixed with a car and bus moving along the road and a train with carriages moving along the bottom of the screen just for fun


Can I use those in the project? They are really good.


yes. its your project. you don't have to ask for permission.
i allow anyone to use or remix anything i do.
i'm not concerned about it.
It's just something i quickly did for fun.
You can code for ppl to walk of the bus when it stops and choose a random house to walk to and disappear.
when they bump a house the houses value can go up (example $10)


Thanks I will see what I can do.