Tower Of Destiny Collab!


Heyo whazzup?

So I was playing this cool game on CoolMathGames, and I thought that it would be a fun project to make and one that is potentially feature-worthy.

Here’s a link to the actual game.

I was thinking make a new collab account with, say, four others, and we each work on a certain area of it to be determined later.

If you are interested, please reply with what your skillset is, for we will require a variety of skills to make this a really awesome game.
(What I mean by that is we don’t need all trail artists to make this. Maybe one or two, but not four)

Thank you for reading this!

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Also, whether you are considering joining the collab or not, the game is worth playing.


That game is super cool! I think that it would be awesome to have in Hopscotch! However, I don’t really have time to do the collab, but I will definetly follow your progress if you can make this!


Woww! It’ll be great to make! But omg, my coding skills are soo novicey Idk if u will let me join


Its fine! You can still join!


Peeps who have joined:


@ArtisticCoder let me know when you’re on


Most website games run pretty crapp! thru the iPad’s safari browser.
But the game you linked runs pretty well.


is ur PFR a sphynx cat?


I don’t know.
It’s some kind of hairless cat.
Good luck making your remake of that game.


Thank you!
(I asked bc i have two sphynx)


Hi @Panthera I’m on now but I might be off later so…