Tower defense not possible on Hopscotch?


Is tower defense possible on hopscotch???


Yup... anythings possible


R u sure? Cause I don't think the area is possible and how do you make it clone and when you let go it drop there


Well, maybe it isn't possible


challenge accepted :sunglasses:


You gonna make it?


that's kinda the point of saying challenge accepted :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I help lol if you think it is possible..


the lack of clone specific variables deem it impossible...


Yeah don't think it is possible to make clone place at a place and not move if hopscotch don't make value on a clone


@Stradyvarious knows! :wink:


Knows? Knows what? Know how to make a tower defense?


He has experience with it. He told me once he tried to make Bloons TD, and clones didn't work, because they all popped at the same time. :wink:

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It might be possible if hopscotch can make value for clones


I still don't think it would work. You can't really tag a value onto it, as it is constantly changes. You would need 1,000,000,000 values, and a lot of objects, because clones don't work. :confused:


But: If Hopscotch can change the way clones work, then yes, it would work. :wink:


There is clone specific variables:
The clones speed, the clones x and y, the clones size, etc.


I forgot about that!! You could use:

But you still need a million values. :confused:


.. Lol (stupid 20 characters)


I think I followed you on the app, tell me if I did. @Rawrbear