Tower Defense in Hopscotch?!

First, no, I’m not dead. I’m still doing good, I just haven’t been active AT ALL. I also do check hopscotch every 1-2 days, though I never make anything.

I was thinking a little bit, and I realized that it might be possible to create a full-fledged tower defense game in Hopscotch :thinking::open_mouth:

I haven’t actually started on anything, I am just throwing that idea out there.

This would be VERY hard to do, possibly even more difficult than GeometryScotch was. If I could make it, though, it would be REALLY cool :smiley:

Just throwing this idea out there.

Should I make this? Let me know! :thinking:


OMG Valgo yaaaaasssss
Yip probably haven’t met me, but I am a huge fan! Its good to have a challenge!


Yes, but some functions in Tower Defense are not in Hopscotch.

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Are you talking about balloon tower defense or something different?


Haha, it’s great you’re here. I am in you’re situation too, innactive.

I remember someone making this and it may be laggy but still works well, you may want to see this style?


Good luck! Unless you code in every single enemy by hand, it seems close to impossible. :thinking: I’d surely be impressed!


Hello there @Valgo! :slight_smile:


Yes, pretty much that.


I’ve thought quite a bit about BTD. I don’t see any elements of the game that can’t be reproduced with low latency in Hopscotch. If you want, I’d enjoy discussing any particular challenges.

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Totally dude. You can do it! If you need me to work with you I could thru the Forum.

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Wow. The actual creator of the professional game split spoke to me. (He got a forum account) Maybe he would know this?

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I decided to give this a go.

Here’s a very preliminary version. It’s not polished but all the major game mechanics work.

  • Attackers follow a preset path
  • Defenses track/target the closest attacker
  • Defenses only shoot when attackers are within range
  • Attackers die after multiple hits

What should I add next? I think the defensive placement needs to be restricted so you can’t place the cannons on top of each other or the path. Also you need to gain money for each attacker destroyed so more defenses can be purchased (this level can be cleared as is without more cannons if you place the cannons correctly).

I’m thinking of using Images to make the graphics better. The game could then be of any character set. Star Wars, Pokémon, zombies, dragons. Or leave it using only Hopscotch and unicode characters? What characters would be cool?


You should make upgrades for the defences and add sound affects!


Bump bump

Is this relevant?

Yeah I could help
Couldn’t be that hard lol
Already remade castle doombad in hopscotch


(Guys this is like 4 years old lollll)

I’d poke a leader or link it to the Lead’s Q&A and ask there instead of mega-bumping unless you’re 100% sure it’s relevant

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