Towards Featured

I am working towards my first Featured, please keep up the support!


Hi, I see you’re new! What’s your hopscotch account?


Same as their forum account.

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Keep on working hard! :smile: If you want to nominate one of your projects for featured, you can do it in the topic: Nominations for Featured!


Yes I am new to the hopscotch forum, but I have been on hopscotch for a while my username is StarCoder :star2:

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Good luck trying to reach featured! Remember that coding is the most important thing and not getting featured, but good luck :slight_smile: You’ll do it if you just keep trying, learning and being awesome!

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Thank you @SmileyAlyssa I have put my Terrain Generator 4.0 on that post.
Keeping in mind what @William04GamerA said it is the project with code that I am very proud of. Here is a screenshot:

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