Tortles are fuuuuuuun


WAIT! Hold your flags! This is an explanation

Ok, I am over it now. I will be more serious. I need to handle my own actions.


Please remember to keep everything related to Hopscotch.

Maybe you can recycle this and use it for something else, or have a leader close it?


This is related to things that I have done before. The leaders will know what I am talking about.


Well the rest of us don't so please explain?


Ok, I am a lot of other topics that were unrelated. I am not leaking anything else.


What are you talking about? Please clarify :slight_smile:


So this is related because it relates to other off topic things? Relating to unrelated things means this is not related...


The mind blowing logic tho



I am saying that I am sorry,


Sometimes your posts are very cryptic and confusing :grimacing: I'm glad your going to be a little more serious!