Topics! (Reminder)


Hello! I have seen that there is topics that aren't where it should be. First of all, of the topic closed or just disappeared don't make another topic without the original creator's permission. I am not pointing any fingers but there is a lot of drawing topics without permission from the creator. Also if you think it's unfair that a specific person gets to create a specific topic, well that's life. Sorry bud.

Another not so good topic, is off topic topics. Now some people don't know what is off topic. That's okay! Just give them a friendly reminder and recycle the topic. If someone is doing it constantly, that is the time to use flagging. Please do not abuse it though! You need to take control and tell them to stop making these spamming topics. It can get quite annoying and irritating. So please don't create these topics.

The last one is just reviving the topic! This is pretty simple! Please don't create another topic because the original creator is inactive and or it is old. Still use it! Food expires some time, but topics never! If it is a major topic like a reminder for the community, then it will be probably fine!

Thank you for reading!
If there is any spelling mistakes, I am sorry! I am on my tiny phone with a tiny keyboard!!
Please refer this topic whenever someone is misusing topics!


(Should this be in lounge?)


Nice topic!!!!!!!!!!!


nicely said! :))

i especially agree with the bit about not making topics just because the original hasn't been replied to. and the bit about "topics never die" did make me laugh a smidge.


How do you know so much about the forum?


What do you mean?


Aren't you Anjaley?
I thought you didn't really go on the forum much, I'm just confused why you know so much already.


Pshhh. Caroline. Always talks and talks and talks about the forum. If you are one of Caroline's friend, then all she would talk about is the forums do the problems and everything! She texted me what to say. I have proof if you don't believe me.


@sweetlina i'm not trying to be rude but.... there has only been a few drawing topics that have been handled, I understand the concept of the topic although people who did create the topics may feel hated because of this...

It is a good topic although you're pointing out people and there has been many topics about this

Just a reminder :)


Oh it's okay
I was just confused no need to trouble yourself


Great topic frenapai!


No; this shouldn't be lounged.
New users can relate to this topic and figure out the rules!
Great Topic! :+1:


I will just add, no matter who's @Sweetlina right now — either of you, both of you — it doesn't matter to me at least, you're awesome! (I am not sure who was using the account at the time of one of the topics that i'd replied on, but I can see you must be pretty concerned about that.)

Anyway, thanks for adding this topic :slight_smile: