ℵḙṽḙԻՊ!ℵᖱ ℵ!ᾰℵᖱԻ✺!ᖱ Իṳ!ℵṧ ḙṽḙԻ⑂тℏ!ℵ❡ > : (



ℏḙℓℓ✺, ! ᾰՊ Պ⑂ṧт!ḉ Իḙᖱ. ωℏ✺ ᾰՊ !? !т ω!ℓℓ тᾰкḙ ṧ✺Պḙ ω✺Իк т✺ ḟ!ℵᖱ ✺ṳт.
ḉǭ !ωǭ!кωǭᾰ, ♭ṳωǭ ⑂ṽṧṳω♭кḙ⑂ṳṽ ⑂ℓ ℨṳ♭⑂ṽᖱ ℓṳṳṽ


Great. I can only read the first line and not the last. Okay, so welcome to the forum, @MysticRed! :slight_smile: You can tag me if you need any help. To tag me you just have to put the ‘@’ sign in front of my username. Have a great time on the forum!


Hello and welcome to the forum! Like @Amulet_10, I can only read the first part.


I don’t think anyone wants to find out who you are but welcome


I don’t speak Vietnamese


Welcome to the forum @MysticRed
Same, I can only read the first part as others have said. Nonetheless, if you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know.


℘ḙԻℏᾰ℘ṧ ⑂✺ṳ ṧℏ✺ṳℓᖱ ᾰṧк ḟ✺Ի ℏḙℓ℘ ḟ✺Ի тℏḙ ℓᾰṧт ℘ᾰԻт


!т Պᾰ⑂ ℘Ի✺ṽḙ ṳṧḙḟṳℓ !ℵ тℏḙ ḟṳтṳԻḙ


Oh, sorry! What does the last part say?


! ω✺ṳℓᖱℵт тḙℓℓ ⑂✺ṳ,♭ṳт ℘ḙԻℏᾰ℘ṧ ❡ ω✺ṳℓᖱ кℵ✺ω


I can only read the first line,but hi!
xD Are you speaking Dutch?


⑂✺ṳ ℓ!кḙℓ⑂ ᖱ✺ ℵ✺т ṳℵᖱḙԻṧтᾰℵᖱ.


Why was I tagged here


ḟ✺Ի ωℏᾰт Իḙᾰṧ✺ℵ ω✺ṳℓᖱ ⑂✺ṳ ❡ṳḙṧṧ, ❡?


I honestly don’t know??


тℏ!ṧ !ṧ т!Ի!ℵ❡.
Իḙᾰᖱ тℏḙ т✺℘ ℘✺ṧт.


What if I don’t want to find out who you are or what the bottom line says


тℏḙℵ !'ℓℓ ℓḙᾰṽḙ ᾰℵᖱ !т ω✺ℵ’т ՊᾰттḙԻ.


we don’t want you to leave, let’s solve ciphers again, yay, ,


! ṧḙℵṧḙ ṧᾰԻḉᾰṧՊ.
! ᾰՊ ℵ✺т ḟ✺Իḉ!ℵ❡ ⑂✺ṳ т✺ ḟ!❡ṳԻḙ !т ✺ṳт. !ḟ ⑂✺ṳ ᖱ✺ ℵ✺т ω!ṧℏ т✺ тℏᾰт !ṧ ḟ!ℵḙ.