Topic won't close?


So, I exited out of a topic, and it won't close. It's still open in the newest tab! Help?


I am sure it would go away if you refresh the page :slight_smile:


Aww @stick88 beet me just refresh!


Try refreshing the page or deleting the tab.

If that doesn't fix it try emailing the hopscotch team.


I restarted the app, and it went away. Just wondering why it happened, and if this happened to anyone else's?


This never happened to me but I think it was because of lag and overlapping.


Wait was there a lot of polls in the topic?

Becuase it freezes when a lot of polls!


No, there aren't polls! I think it was lag, because the forums have been very laggy for me lately. ):


I am sorry!

Maybe switch to a laptop or computer?